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2019/07/02 Gurit secures two-year kit supply contract with a globally leading Wind OEM
2019/07/01 Gurit reports successful closing of acquisition of PET recycling operation in Italy
2019/04/17 Gurit acquires PET recycling operation in Italy
2019/04/16 Gurit announces sponsorship of the EPFLoop team in the 2019 Hyperloop Pod Competition
2019/04/09 Gurit reports strong growth to 142.7 million CHF in Q1/2019
2019/02/28 Gurit Reports Net Sales Growth of 18.0% and an Operating Profit Margin of 6.7% for Fiscal Year 2018
2019/01/31 Gurit Reports Strong Net Sales Growth of 18% for 2018
2019/01/28 Gurit Enlarges Group Executive Committee